Stephanie Walker

User Experience Designer

User Research for the Digital Scholarship Lab Website

Screenshot of Digital Scholarship Lab Interview Questions
User Interviews- Website Impression
Sketched Wireframe of Digital Scholarship Lab Home Page
Wireframe of Home Page
Screen Shot of Card Sorting Activity
Card Sorting Activity

For the Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) at Michigan State University’s Library, I and a group of three other individuals conducted User Research for the DSL and then, when completed, presented our findings and suggestions to the stakeholders of the DSL for potential implementation as a re-designed DSL website. The semester long research project consisted of seven different phases. The first three phases were (1) Interviews with the users of the DSL website to gather the users’ current impression of the website, (2) the creation of User Personas, and (3) conducting Internal and Competitive Heuristic Analyses. The next (and final) phases of the DSL user research project were (4) a Card Sorting activity with potential users, (5) Wireframing based on user feedback gathered in each of the previous four phases, (6) developing an Interactive Prototype from our improved wireframes, and then finally (7) developing a Wayfinding user test of our prototype on Google Forms to make sure that our new design of the DSL website met the needs and expectations of the users. We also used a way-finding format of user testing to ensure that the prototype had an intuitive and logical flow so that, if implemented to the real website, users would be able to use the DSL website with ease. When the wayfinding study was completed, our results showed that the users found our prototype to be user friendly overall, and we only had to make small adjustments to the prototype based on the feedback we got from the users. After all of our research was completed, we gathered it into a cohesive presentation, which was then showed (presented) to the stakeholders of the Digital Scholarship Lab. Images are located above, and materials can be accessed at:


Prototype: Digital Scholarship Lab Website Prototype


Wayfinding User Test: Google Forms: Digital Scholarship Lab Usability Testing